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Indian refiners’ love of Middle East crude should not be forgotten
28 June 2024
Russian oil may be top of India’s menu, but its appetite for Middle East grades will always be a crucial part of the diet
Indian demand resistant to triple-digit oil
27 May 2024
World’s third-largest consumer should see sturdy growth in oil consumption during 2024 even if prices rise
India’s high sensitivity to oil prices
23 April 2024
Cheaper Russian barrels and lower overall crude prices have helped cut key oil consumer’s import bills in election year
Gas faces uphill battle in China and India
11 April 2024
The renewables revolution is not producing a gas boom in Asia’s largest countries, as incumbent energy sources coal and hydro retain an advantage
Letter from India: Oil’s new nerve centre
19 March 2024
The IEA estimates India will be the largest driver of global oil demand growth by 2030, but it may have still undersold the story
India says doors wide open for energy investment
12 March 2024
Hardeep Singh Puri says upstream oil is vital as country goes all out to boost its energy sector across E&P, gas, biofuels and hydrogen amid booming demand
Indian LNG demand has questions to answer
4 March 2024
Despite predictions of explosive growth, price-sensitive buying behaviour and infrastructure challenges cast a pall over the outlook
Indian refiners set for big expansion
16 February 2024
The world’s third-largest importer of crude shows no sign of easing up on downstream momentum in recent years
Letter from India: Oil and gas crucial to future energy security
12 February 2024
Krishna-Godavari Basin success underscores importance of drive towards energy independence amid an ‘all-hands’ approach
Indian refiners look to diversify crude sources
30 January 2024
The country is trying to reduce dependence on Russian barrels amid a narrowing of the gap between them and Middle Eastern grades
Key ONGC KG Basin project to start crude output in May
15 January 2024
Despite the delays and the cost overruns, KG-DWN-98/2 could be pivotal in turning around India’s declining oil production
India’s growing gas appetite
4 December 2023
Demand increasing at a clip as government plots infrastructure buildout
Letter from India: Prosperity and sustainability make uneasy bedfellows
30 November 2023
Burgeoning middle class and long-term growth from a low base at odds with energy transition efforts
Oil India sets ambitious drilling target
23 November 2023
The state-owned firm will drill 60 wells in the current financial year as India strives to reduce its import dependence
India’s diesel love affair continues
21 November 2023
Demand for the fuel is poised for further growth, but government regulation and changing habits could eventually undermine its primacy
Petchems Report: Asia ramps up petchems production
13 November 2023
India and China are both looking to substantially boost their petchems capacities out to 2030
Timing is all on India's fuel price cuts
9 October 2023
With elections looming, the government must decide when to take the sting out of high oil prices
Have India’s imports of Russian crude peaked?
5 September 2023
Russia has leapfrogged Mideast sources to become India’s largest supplier, but flows may be poised to plateau
India’s SPRs could be too little, too late
25 July 2023
A greater focus on oil security may not be enough to deliver a comprehensive strategy for the net importer’s strategic petroleum reserves
Gail feels effects of Russia fallout
20 June 2023
Indian gas company’s profits nosedive due to non-supply from former Gazprom unit
Rise of Brics challenges oil world order
23 May 2023
The five economies are shaking up global markets, and they could be on the cusp of a major break from the existing order
Russia-India crude trade poses challenges
17 May 2023
Western banking sanctions and the crude price cap cause headaches for New Delhi and Moscow
India gears up for greater gas use
18 April 2023
LNG cargo at Dhamra terminal arrives amid shift to securing supplies and capping prices
India sees crucial role for oil as it eyes investment
12 April 2023
Director general of Fipi oil and gas industry body optimistic on E&P success and foresees a doubling of refining capacity over next ten years
Subdued Asian LNG interest produces large stockpiles
16 March 2023
Weak prices support demand but mild weather, delayed gas projects, large reserves and nuclear alternatives set to blunt upturn
Global LNG analysis report 2023 – Part 2
2 March 2023
The second part of this deep-dive analysis looks at liquefaction and regasification developments in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific
India steps on the gas pedal
17 February 2023
Substantial increases in pipeline infrastructure over the next two years are expected to supercharge gas consumption
Letter from India: Russian imports remain dominant
20 January 2023
India’s newfound reliance on discounted Russian crude continues to grow
India cements role as refining hub
12 January 2023
The country’s hybrid model of state-backed and private refiners, often collaborating, continues to enjoy success
Outlook 2023: China’s and India’s changing barrels
8 December 2022
World’s two most populous nations are central to global oil demand, but in different ways
India courts foreign investors
22 November 2022
The government is seeking to revitalise the country’s upstream through a variety of reforms, says Petroleum Secretary Pankaj Jain
Cairn renews Barmer block PSC
17 November 2022
Much-needed private capital for the upstream is closer to being unlocked, but legal uncertainties remain
No slowdown in oil demand growth
7 November 2022
India’s increasing thirst for oil is unlikely to be blunted by planned gas use expansion or the energy transition
India seeks to trim crude import dependence
7 November 2022
But ambitious government production targets cannot reverse years of underinvestment and mismanagement
No imminent slowdown in Indian oil demand growth
20 October 2022
The country’s increasing thirst for oil is unlikely to be blunted by planned gas use expansion or the energy transition
Asian LNG demand may tighten market
5 October 2022
Demand, rather than supply issues, could keep prices high next year
Licensing round October update
29 September 2022
The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licences
A Russia price cap: Too clever by half
26 September 2022
The proposed mechanism may cause Russia some pain, but its impact is likely overstated
ExxonMobil takes a chance on India’s upstream
16 September 2022
The major’s involvement is a win for New Delhi as it seeks to promote offshore exploration
Letter from India: Cost of import dependence grows
12 September 2022
Surging demand, declining domestic output, high prices and a weakening rupee are all pushing up the country’s import bills
India defiant over Russian crude
6 September 2022
Oil minister pushes back against criticism of his country’s approach to Russia
Indian refiners reap Russian discount rewards
30 August 2022
India continues to take significant volumes of discounted Russian crude
Russian seaborne crude exports slow
8 August 2022
China and India remain the most important customers for Russian volumes
Why a Russian oil price cap is unlikely to work
18 July 2022
The notion of a limit on Putin’s oil export revenue is attractive, but it will be virtually impossible to make it work in practice
Licensing round July update
14 July 2022
The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licences
Licensing round June update
7 June 2022
The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licences
LNG tug-of-war squeezes South Asia
31 May 2022
Countries in the region are particularly sensitive to high LNG prices, but term contracts and a degree of inelastic power-sector demand may support flows
Russian crude displacement impacts Mideast producers
26 May 2022
Flows of Urals crude to Asian importers—in particular India—have spiked since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to price reporting agency GX
Indian gas use poised for growth
11 May 2022
Gas will be essential to balance the grid as India looks to expand its renewable power capacity and meet its climate goals, says GE Gas Power South Asia CEO Deepesh Nanda
Licensing round May update
3 May 2022
The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licences
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