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Letter from Europe: The trouble with the trilemma
22 April 2024
Pursuing three different goals as part of the same package may mean achieving none of them
Outlook 2024: Europe’s pivot from Russian gas
23 January 2024
Energy crisis leads to supply diversification
Outlook 2024: The evolution of gas infrastructure
16 January 2024
In the ever-changing landscape of global energy, the European gas infrastructure is undergoing a remarkable transformation, poised to play a pivotal role in shaping Europe’s energy future
Petchems Report: US a petchems hotbed while Europe struggles
20 November 2023
Low-cost ethane has made the US a premier destination for petchems investments, while in Europe the industry faces economic headwinds
Refining Report: EU’s net-zero goals boost biofuels
12 October 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended trade flows in the region, while Europe’s net-zero commitments have boosted biofuels investment
Gas prices continue to burden European industry
24 August 2023
Almost a year-and-a-half after Russia invaded Ukraine, elevated gas prices continue to impact the competitiveness of European industry, especially relative to the US
Europe’s gas pivot and Asian demand boost global midstream
18 August 2023
Europe has been hastily building out LNG and pipeline capacity since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while demand is rising in Asia
Europe redraws lines on gas infrastructure map
17 July 2023
The continent’s gas revamp looks to both LNG and nearby pipelines
Europe’s LNG buildout signals brave new world
3 July 2023
The EU’s new gas strategy may have wriggled free of complacency and insularity, but demand destruction and chokepoints are just some of the key risk factors
IEA’s Molnar says LNG is more back-up supply than transition fuel
17 May 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forever changed gas markets and prompted renewed interest in storage and previously unattractive developments, but the long-term future of the fuel is doubtful
Europe’s LNG strategy is better late than never
18 April 2023
Infrastructure buildout will give EU better options in 2023 and even more in 2024
Europe counts cost of uncoordinated energy strategy
18 April 2023
Calls for EU to reflect on gas subsidy bill of €700bn as common purchase mechanism approaches
US-Europe crude flow keeps records tumbling
5 April 2023
Continued increases in lighter, sweeter US barrels heading across the pond have boosted gasoline supply from European refiners, but for how long can volumes keep rising?
Europe’s confidence on gas may be premature
23 February 2023
The region has made significant progress on reducing exposure to Russian gas, but despite rosy assessments by politicians, challenges remain
Russian firms exit Europe’s shrinking refining sector
2 February 2023
Hampered by sanctions and ill will, Russian majors are departing Europe, but refiners’ focus was already moving east
Beating the Russian products ban
27 January 2023
Legal and illegal efforts to skirt the prohibition are likely to intensify—especially in Turkey, the Balkans and Eastern Europe
EU bodies issue gas price cap warnings
27 January 2023
Two preliminary reports echo industry criticisms, although lower prices have reduced the likelihood of the mechanism being triggered
Europe prepares for Russian product import ban
19 January 2023
The European products market is the latest battlefield in the conflict between Moscow and the West
Kistos looks elsewhere after tax raids
18 January 2023
The North Sea-focused producer is unimpressed by UK, Dutch and EU legislation
EU agrees gas price cap mechanism
20 December 2022
The bloc is moving ahead with revised plans to intervene in the market
EU TTF price cap proposals stoke alarm
15 December 2022
The bloc’s plans are intended to shield consumers from high gas prices but have been criticised as unlikely to benefit end-users and for posing significant additional risks
EU price cap fails to address potential existential threat
14 December 2022
A worst-case scenario of the implications of the proposed legislation could be tensions that test the bloc’s very unity
Outlook 2023: Coal regains central role in volatile EU energy market
12 December 2022
Power generation fuel’s historical advantages of availability, affordability and reliability have once more prevailed as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine upends gas markets
Letter from Europe: Retail gas market intervention safer than wholesale
6 December 2022
The EU’s proposals to cap wholesale gas prices could result in unintended consequences
Outlook 2023: EU diesel demand begins to shift away from Russia
2 December 2022
Efforts to find alternative sources of middle distillate have proven sluggish but are starting to ramp up
Letter from Eastern Europe: Western Balkans a test for energy diplomacy
24 November 2022
Common energy projects appear to be holding a famously fractious Balkan peninsula together—for now
Outlook 2023: Energy crisis puts political commitments to the test
23 November 2022
Governments around the world must decide how to approach the energy trilemma amid ongoing volatility
EU refineries prepare for life without Russian crude
31 October 2022
European refiners have strong incentives to adapt to the technological and logistical challenges of the continent turning away from Russia
EU takes aim at the TTF
28 October 2022
The bloc’s energy crisis plans include proposals that threaten to distort the global gas market and may have unintended consequences
Will Russian gas ever return?
7 October 2022
Views on the longer-term future of the pariah state’s gas resources are divergent
EU Commission looks to clobber generators and producers
15 September 2022
Executive body puts forward a range of measures but backs away from a gas price cap for now
Oil sees muted spike on EU import ban
4 May 2022
The immediate impact of an official EU embargo on Russian crude and products may be outweighed by a longer-term reaction
Europe’s Russian gas reduction ambitions pose market threat
28 March 2022
The desire to stop the flow of gas sales revenue to the murderous Putin regime is laudable. But it is not without significant challenges or risks
EU and US agree on LNG supply cooperation
25 March 2022
The transatlantic partners pledge cooperation on supply, long-term contracts and infrastructure
EU to give biojet industry new thrust
12 July 2021
A new sustainable aviation proposal is set to supercharge so-far fledgling efforts
European refiner hopes for a driving season
26 February 2021
Varo sees the potential for a desire to holiday but a reluctance to fly recreating the US phenomenon on the other side of the Atlantic
Brexit trial by fire
17 December 2020
UK energy sector faces significant challenges uncoupling from the EU after decades of codependency
Letter from Brussels: National realpolitik may water down EU climate policy
27 October 2020
The EU is staking out a clear path towards climate neutrality, pursuant to its green deal. But national implementation in the decade ahead may fall short
Berlin faces battle over climate targets
28 August 2020
The German presidency of the EU Council aims for a recovery fuelled by renewables, but there is disagreement among member states over key climate targets
China holds the cards in US-EU poker
15 July 2020
As the US shale industry struggles, energy sanctions targeting China are unlikely
Testing times for the European gas sector
3 April 2020
The market was already enduring a difficult 2020—and the Covid-19 outbreak will test it to its limits
Carbon market faces Brexit deal or no-deal conundrum
8 February 2019
Brexit uncertainty leaves carbon market and climate policy hanging fire
Wintershall-DEA: The anatomy of a merger
23 November 2018
The Wintershall-DEA deal brings together businesses that in 2017 had combined sales of €4.7bn
Bartering is Iran's best hope to bypass sanctions
5 November 2018
With oil exports in freefall, the country is hoping that a new EU-backed plan to help companies continue trading will work. But optimism is low
Battling the Brexit blues
28 August 2018
The UK's planned withdrawal from the EU in 2019 is causing uncertainties for the North Sea industry at a time when it could do without them
Brow-mopping after Mifid II start
24 May 2018
European companies have recast their risk-management and hedging systems in line with last-minute Mifid II preparations
Europe wakes up to the energy question
1 July 2000
ENERGY is again back on the political agenda in Europe. Aside from connected issues, such as climate change, with which the EU has been concerned for some time, politicians in Brussels are looking seriously at the routes of energy supply to Europe.
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