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Letter from London: OPEC’s new chapter
5 December 2023
Scepticism, confusion and disdain over OPEC+’s extended and deeper supply cuts should give way to an appreciation of the new multi-speed producer alliance
How the Yom Kippur war changed OPEC
26 September 2023
Half a century after the 1973 conflict, the world is dramatically different. But OPEC’s power remains
Have India’s imports of Russian crude peaked?
5 September 2023
Russia has leapfrogged Mideast sources to become India’s largest supplier, but flows may be poised to plateau
Shipping shrugs off Hormuz Strait incidents
22 August 2023
Despite contradictory claims of increased tensions in Mideast Gulf waters and possible rapprochement between the US and Iran, the situation appears business as usual for freight
China pumps record crude despite economic headwinds
4 August 2023
Record domestic production and high imports contrast with weak economic growth to raise the question of how much more crude China can store
Oman carves out niche in global energy trade
27 July 2023
The country punching way above its weight in energy is less the story of a hydrocarbon bonanza and more that of a nation seeking to make the best out of what is available
India’s SPRs could be too little, too late
25 July 2023
A greater focus on oil security may not be enough to deliver a comprehensive strategy for the net importer’s strategic petroleum reserves
Is LNG getting easier again for trading houses?
6 July 2023
Market volatility put a significant strain on the commodity traders in 2022, but there are some signs of green shoots
Kazakhstan is key to the Middle Corridor
23 June 2023
The race to go around Russia is on and the New Silk Road has a Central Asian energy flavour
Indonesia considers LNG export restrictions
19 June 2023
Rising domestic demand and the pressures of net zero are prompting the Southeast Asian country to look at limiting outflows of gas
Big Oil’s trading black box
16 June 2023
Energy trading is an opaque business, but automated and centralised data processing systems could help lift the lid on the market’s best prices
Goldman’s Currie interview part 2: Supercycle set for capex surge that will elevate oil longer term
28 March 2023
Head of commodity research says energy transition a key driver for the supercycle and Middle East the key engine for oil investment
Goldman’s Currie interview part 1: Banking crisis to slow, not derail, oil’s upward trajectory
27 March 2023
Head of commodity research sees prices heading back above $90/bl by the end of the year despite scarring effects of crisis slowing oil’s rise
Crude tanker market outlook remains strong
20 March 2023
Ukraine fallout continues to elevate tanker demand while restricting vessel availability
Russian sanctions not watertight
21 February 2023
Moscow will likely still be able to find buyers and ships for its exports of crude and products despite the measures
Do we need to repeal Dodd-Frank to save the commodity markets?
12 April 2022
A return of banks to commodity markets could ease the current crisis
Fixing the price… of commodity pricing
4 November 2021
Historians believe humans have used some sort of money for buying and selling for more than 30,000 years and, over those 30 millennia, our methods of establishing value for these transactions have evolved. In the digital age, commodity prices should be no different
Glencore fails to repeat oil trading success
5 August 2021
A less volatile 2021 offers fewer opportunities for profit
Trafigura sees demand recovery driving oil rally
22 June 2021
The trader raises the possibility of $100/bl crude next year
CCI aims to profit from gas and power experience
17 June 2021
The commodity trader believes its reduced focus on liquids trading compared with its peers could offer it an advantage in the energy transition
Book review: Untangling the knotty history of oil’s trading evolution
15 June 2021
A former trader proves an illuminating guide to the messy and ad hoc way that multi-billion dollar crude markets have been born and developed
Stronger finances deliver Trafigura trading windfall
10 June 2021
The Singapore-headquartered trader is able to do more, and boost profit, due to enhanced access to credit
Crude may hit $80/bl this year—Montepeque
3 June 2021
The oil market veteran sees further price upside
Dated Brent—all change but business as usual
24 February 2021
The sheer scale of financial infrastructure around the crude market’s most important global benchmark means the wider trading market will largely shrug off any physical implications from a Fob-to-Cif switch
Data is king, integration is queen
13 October 2020
Harnessing the power of data science and real-time intelligence offers a powerful single view of the market
Vitol warns on LNG production shut-ins
22 October 2019
The trading house fears that US liquefaction plants may join the list of capacity on the side lines next year
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