Adi Imsirovic

Adi Imsirovic has 35 years of experience in oil trading. He has held a number of senior trading positions, including global head of oil at Gazprom Marketing & Trading and regional manager of Texaco Oil Trading for Asia.

Adi was a Fulbright Scholar and studied at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University. There, he was also an adjunct research fellow at the Kennedy School of Government. Adi taught economics at Surrey University for several years: energy economics as well as resource and environmental economics. For a number of years, he was a senior research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Adi has a PhD in economics and a Master’s degree in energy economics.

He has written a number of papers and articles on the topics of oil and gas prices, benchmarks, and energy security. He is the author of the book Trading and Price Discovery for Crude Oils: Growth and Development of International Oil Markets, published by Palgrave in August 2021. Adi also edited Brent Crude Oil: Genesis and Development of the World's Most Important Oil Benchmark, published by Palgrave in June 2023.

Latest Articles From Adi Imsirovic
22 May 2024
Rising political interventions in oil and gas markets
From deglobalisation to potential shortages, policymakers must be mindful of the law of unintended consequences
22 April 2024
Letter from Europe: The trouble with the trilemma
Pursuing three different goals as part of the same package may mean achieving none of them
27 March 2024
NOCs must straddle two worlds
Oil producers have to untangle the increasingly complicated relationship with their natural resources
27 February 2024
Letter from the UK: A positive legacy for OPEC?
Oil producer group could spearhead the shift to cleaner energy in member countries and be part of transition solution
16 January 2024
Letter on OPEC: OPEC’s ‘elastic’ supply problem
A high-price market management strategy will continue to prove difficult until demand makes a strong recovery
21 December 2023
Letter from Europe: Tobacco offers warning for oil
Moving on from burning fossil fuels for energy will not be easy, but it is ultimately a habit the world will need to kick
17 October 2023
The Russian price cap myth
It is time to stop pretending that there is a ‘price cap’ on Russian petroleum exports
13 September 2023
Brent without Brent: The role of North Sea oil in global prices
The inclusion of WTI Midland in the Brent benchmark has boosted volumes, but with Brent blend taking a backseat, why not just use WTI as the global benchmark?
19 July 2023
Oil and gas must face climate change head on
Pushing for more fossil fuels is counter-productive to hydrocarbons’ important long-term role
13 June 2023
Saudi Arabia, Opec+ and oil price formation
Why does a Saudi production cut of a million barrels fail to drive prices higher?
3 May 2023
Opec, IEA face-off reflects oil’s evolving role
The recent disagreement between Opec and the IEA over market volatility is rooted in the seismic shift required by the oil industry to avoid catastrophic climate change
4 April 2023
Crucial Brent oil benchmark undergoes metamorphosis
Start of the ‘new’ Brent amid shifting market realities
18 July 2022
Why a Russian oil price cap is unlikely to work
The notion of a limit on Putin’s oil export revenue is attractive, but it will be virtually impossible to make it work in practice
14 January 2021
Opec should bear in mind its history
The past offers painful warnings against the temptations that 2021 may bring
20 April 2020
Producers’ mindset needs to change
Storage logistics have never been more challenging, playing to oil traders’ strengths. Pure producers’ structural lack of patience may only assists them
2 April 2020
The US should avoid repeating past mistakes
North America's storied oil history highlights lessons that need to be learned in the current economic crisis
28 January 2020
Gas readies for its oil moment
The growth in spot LNG is transforming gas into a globalised commodity market
10 December 2019
Benchmarks face 2020s evolution
The reference prices for crude and other energy markets are unlikely to stand still
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