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Power pricing threatens Vietnam’s gas plans
29 January 2024
The country’s drive to adopt LNG and gas could be imperilled as the state electricity company haemorrhages money
Chinese oil demand growth poised to slow
24 January 2024
Demand prospects are limited by decelerating economic expansion following the post-pandemic rebound
China’s accelerating transition to curtail oil and gas demand
19 January 2024
Rapid electrification and the adoption of renewables may allow China to trim its dependence on fossil fuels and reach net zero sooner than previously expected
Asia’s changing oil market landscape
21 December 2023
Chinese demand is at the forefront of shifting oil contours for Asia for 2024 and beyond
Yuan makes oil and gas trade inroads
18 December 2023
But the dollar still remains overwhelmingly the favoured currency
China’s gas goals face unconventional hurdles
4 December 2023
Beijing’s strong emphasis on domestic production growth will require heavier investment from the country’s NOCs, as remaining reserves become harder to exploit
Muted winter LNG outlook for NE Asia
10 November 2023
Seasonal temperatures will prove critical, but the LNG demand prospects for China, Japan and South Korea are currently soft
China stalls on Power of Siberia 2
25 October 2023
Beijing appears willing to use Moscow’s isolation to its advantage
China gas policy focuses on energy security
20 October 2023
The revised Gas Utilisation Policy refines Beijing’s policies for a market that has doubled in size since 2012
Hong Kong looks to LNG to cut emissions
19 September 2023
The special administrative region has introduced the fuel as part of its drive for carbon neutrality, but it will take years for imports to ramp up
Malaysia LNG faces growing gas supply challenges
18 September 2023
Pipeline problems, maturing fields, gas quality issues and territorial disputes threaten to erode Malaysia’s LNG exports
China pumps record crude despite economic headwinds
4 August 2023
Record domestic production and high imports contrast with weak economic growth to raise the question of how much more crude China can store
Dwindling feedgas threatens Brunei LNG
1 August 2023
The decades-long project needs new sources of gas, but territorial disputes with Malaysia are complicating matters
Gas jostles for vital role in China’s energy mix
22 June 2023
The fuel has lost ground to coal and renewables but is seen as key to balancing needs for energy security with long-term efforts to decarbonise
Indonesia considers LNG export restrictions
19 June 2023
Rising domestic demand and the pressures of net zero are prompting the Southeast Asian country to look at limiting outflows of gas
Asia’s NOCs chart paths to decarbonisation
5 June 2023
But none of the companies are poised to abandon oil and gas anytime soon
China’s LNG demand blunted for now
26 May 2023
Pipeline imports and domestic production gains may limit LNG take, but Russia and Central Asia uncertainty could prompt buying activity
Letter from China: Price controls squeeze gas suppliers
10 May 2023
Incomplete price reforms pose problems for both upstream and downstream players and threaten further shortages
Low prices not luring Asian buyers back to LNG
25 April 2023
Preferable nuclear and coal options suggest balanced Asian LNG market, at least over the summer
Opec+ cuts jar with China’s strong buying signals
21 April 2023
Beijing likely to be unfazed by move amid growing alliance with Saudi Arabia
China’s recovering oil demand may not be all it seems
24 March 2023
Rise in imports may be more to do with stockpiling ahead of summer than actual increased consumption
Subdued Asian LNG interest produces large stockpiles
16 March 2023
Weak prices support demand but mild weather, delayed gas projects, large reserves and nuclear alternatives set to blunt upturn
Letter from China: Long-term LNG demand looks strong
24 February 2023
Last year’s slip in gas consumption does not affect the outlook to mid-century
Vietnam’s LNG sector held back by high prices and delays
23 February 2023
The country had been poised to embrace LNG-to-power on a large scale
China’s NOCs ride wave of rising demand
7 February 2023
From E&P to refining, the state-owned companies are well-positioned for growth and bumper profits
China and Russia deepen energy links
7 February 2023
But Beijing remains somewhat cautious in an attempt to avoid alienating the West
Chinese gas demand set to rebound
3 February 2023
The Asian giant’s LNG imports slumped last year but look likely to recover in 2023
Chinese energy demand gets back on track
2 February 2023
The signs point towards a comeback in 2023, but uncertainty around Covid remains a factor
Letter from China: Rebounding demand meets economic headwinds
30 January 2023
Opec+ and the IEA have both revised up 2023 forecasts for Chinese oil demand in recent weeks
LNG faces growing shipping constraints
9 January 2023
New regulations are likely to restrict an already limited pool of vessels capable of transporting gas
China’s gas storage reliance grows
23 November 2022
Despite technical challenges and slow development times, storage capacity is expanding
Chinese policy stays in lane
21 November 2022
Party set-piece points to pursuit of balance between economic expansion and competing priorities such as risk management and zero-Covid
Bearish demand forecasts dominate China’s winter gas outlook
14 November 2022
Economic headwinds and little sign of colder weather suggest continuing weakness
Letter from China: Geopolitics injects uncertainty into US LNG take
26 October 2022
China has drastically cut its imports of US LNG this year, but Chinese buyers are still signing up for more volumes
Markets await Chinese product export quotas
24 October 2022
The normal quarterly uncertainty is more pronounced than usual, and the effect on the market may be delayed
China boosts Central Asian gas links
20 October 2022
Beijing’s decision to expand the gas pipeline network linking it to Central Asia may threaten Russia’s eastern pivot
Asian LNG demand may tighten market
5 October 2022
Demand, rather than supply issues, could keep prices high next year
Japan and South Korea prepare for crucial winter
27 September 2022
Nuclear availability and the extent of low temperatures will decide how much LNG they will need for the months ahead
Letter from China: Appetite for gas shrinks
21 September 2022
Even potential government stimulus measures might not be enough to bolster demand
China well-stocked with gas for winter
15 September 2022
Sufficient term-contract volumes and soft demand are insulating the country from the expensive spot LNG market
Chinese NOCs delist from NYSE
31 August 2022
The voluntary move demonstrates the growing distance between the US and China
Southwest China hit by energy shortages
30 August 2022
Extreme weather in the region means more headwinds for the Chinese economy
Letter from China: Taiwan tensions expose energy risks
11 August 2022
China’s heavy reliance on energy imports means it too would be vulnerable in the event of armed confrontation
Japan and South Korea promise little immediate LNG market relief
1 August 2022
East Asia’s power sector use may be poised to shrink from 2023, but demand for the fuel is expected to remain strong this year
China’s energy demand faces headwinds
28 July 2022
Economic difficulties mean the outlook for H2 remains highly uncertain despite planned stimulus measures
Letter from Beijing: Refiners hoping for summer rebound
30 June 2022
Easing of Covid restrictions looks set to lead to surge in domestic travel
Japan faces energy supply crisis
29 June 2022
The import-dependent nation is increasingly reliant on expensive spot LNG cargoes
Southeast Asian NOCs plot divergent transition strategies
27 June 2022
The three most prominent NOCs in Southeast Asia will play to their individual strengths as they seek to decarbonise, with each company looking to capitalise on opportunities in their local markets
Letter from China: Beijing backs Moscow
6 June 2022
China’s energy imports have offered Russia a lifeline as Western sanctions bite
Southeast Asia counting on carbon capture
31 May 2022
The region’s shift from coal- to gas-fired generation will require additional strategies to meet ambitious carbon targets
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