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Outlook 2024: Libya ready for investment
10 January 2024
New strategic plan includes significant investment in oil and gas
Outlook 2024: LNG investment - Hydrocarbon challenges or green opportunity?
28 December 2023
Many LNG projects already incorporate emissions mitigation methods, hastening adoption for future projects
Yuan makes oil and gas trade inroads
18 December 2023
But the dollar still remains overwhelmingly the favoured currency
Oil price of $80–95/bl could be new normal in 2024
2 November 2023
OPEC+ is prepared to defend $80/bl, but economic weakness and potential supply kept off the market will likely limit any upside as consumers acclimatise to higher prices, says Saxo Bank’s Ole Hansen
Energy Council sees worsening underinvestment in oil and gas
17 October 2023
But CEO Miller says surge in Middle East and Asia funding, creative solutions and ‘nuanced’ approach to transition offer hope
Letter from Singapore: Beware oil investment’s death rattle
12 September 2023
High prices are no longer a guarantee for increased investment in oil projects despite the warnings of an energy crunch
Lack of oil and gas investment could be serious issue, warns IEF’s McMonigle
25 August 2023
Secretary General believes linear and ideal forms of energy transition will be difficult to achieve especially with false narratives around peak oil demand
Aramco’s Nasser says energy security and sustainability can co-exist
23 August 2023
But CEO says prematurely discontinuing investments in fossil fuels threatens serious supply shortfalls and may be counterproductive to energy transition
Oil companies focusing on being oil companies
27 June 2023
Persistent demand and the importance of the bottom line bring hydrocarbon investment back into focus
E&P investment becoming mission impossible
16 June 2023
Oil price volatility and the high cost of hedging mean putting money into exploration and production is unaffordable for all but the largest players
Letter from Africa: Investors should look beyond region’s challenges
16 June 2023
Opportunities abound as hydrocarbons remain crucial to growing energy needs
Opec, IEA face-off reflects oil’s evolving role
3 May 2023
The recent disagreement between Opec and the IEA over market volatility is rooted in the seismic shift required by the oil industry to avoid catastrophic climate change
Opec+ mastering art of targeting prices without targeting prices
17 April 2023
Two-speed producer group is now nimble enough to make price floor work
Letter from the US: Financial contagion and the oil industry – What, me worry?
31 March 2023
Banks’ stricter lending policies will force refiners and marketers to hold fewer stocks, putting a squeeze on the oil industry
Global capex growth to moderate
20 March 2023
Worldwide E&P spending is set to increase in 2023, albeit at a slower pace than last year, Evercore predicts
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