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21 October 2021
TE100: Insights on energy transition in MENA

Today, we are facing, in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, a severe threat posed by
climate change which is in large part driven by fossil fuel combustion and accompanied
with a rise in global consumption due to increase in demand as population is growing
especially in the MENA region. Therefore, it is “crystal” clear now that governments
need a planned transition in how they produce and consume energy to avoid a
disastrous increase in global temperatures.

21 October 2021
TE100: With change comes opportunity and that is no different in the energy transition

According to the National Association of State Energy Officials, approximately 6.7 million Americans work in the Energy Industry.  That is roughly 4.6% of the American workforce. I’ve spoken recently with many different industry partners who are worried about this energy transition and what it means to workers who have been employed in more traditional sectors of the US Energy industry.  Oil & Gas workers in Texas are worried about their jobs and leaving the industry because they don’t see a future in Energy.  In Massachusetts local economic development groups are trying to figure out how to re-train and re-employ over 600 workers who have lost their jobs at recently shuttered nuclear and coal plants.  Unfortunately, sometimes it seems that there is an “us versus them” mentality as this transition takes place.  Some of the recently displaced workers from oil & gas, nuclear, and coal plants may struggle to see where they will be re-employed.  However, given the staggering numbers of renewable installations anticipated, it’s clear that the Energy industry is ripe with opportunity.

21 October 2021
TE100: Energy transition requires solutions from the oil & gas industry

The world’s next energy transformation is underway and transitioning to a lower carbon future will require ingenuity from all sources, especially the energy services and technology sector. As global energy demand rises, we must invest in all forms of energy. A successful energy transition is not a shift from one fuel source to another, but a comprehensive focus on the reduction of emissions across all energy systems.

13 October 2021
Making the market: How to structure commercial-scale hydrogen projects
A number of structuring options are available for commercial-scale green and blue hydrogen projects in the energy sector
7 October 2021
How commercially viable hydrogen offtake agreements can be developed
Market structures must be put in place to progress hydrogen past the pre-commercial stage
7 October 2021
TE100: I am not my sister’s keeper, I am My Sister (Part 2)

Let’s take action inspired by empathy so that through collaboration and paying it forward, my success becomes your success.  Let’s look around us, strike a conversation, listen and research to understand each other’s unique challenges. This will then inform any action we take, or in the spirit of this letter, the type of energy we apply in our interactions to empower women’s ambitions.

7 October 2021
TE100: Thinking Globally Requires Local, Regional Mindset

While there is a place for globalization, implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts should be tailored to fit the part of the world in which companies operate.

7 October 2021
TE100: Why digitising supply chains and implementing a circular economy is important to achieving true net zero

The cornerstone of decarbonisation and achieving net zero is to gain transparency in our supply chains. But we all know in our hearts that this is only one part of the answer. The true driver for achieving net zero is establishing a fully functioning circular economy, where we move our narrative from making things more sustainably, use and then throw away to how can we extend the life of the product, recover and reuse materials and design waste out of our systems. Whilst there are many amazing innovations in manufacturing and recycling capabilities, they will not drive a sustainable future on their own.

5 October 2021
TE100: I am not my sister’s keeper, I am My Sister (Part 1)

Working-age women make up 50% of the world population, yet unfortunately, our female face represents the unpleasant side of an industry that is supposed to enable progress.

Women are underrepresented and underpaid in the energy industry. As energy consumers, women in the global south are caught in the gender-poverty-energy nexus, where women are more likely to suffer the consequences of inefficient and hazardous energy.

30 September 2021
Will the UK’s “colour-blind” hydrogen strategy accelerate the transition?
The government’s strategy proposes a twin-track of blue and green hydrogen development
29 September 2021
Lone Star state has chance to shine in energy transition
Explosion in jobs and investment among benefits energy transition could bring to Texas and the Gulf Coast
28 September 2021
Australia and Japan forge new trade links for transition
New wave of investment by Japanese companies could mirror past development of Australian iron ore and coal sectors, PwC says
28 September 2021
Fit for 55: Challenges and opportunities for EU industry
Stricter rules and higher targets demand a rethink of value chains and business models by energy-intensive companies
28 September 2021
Engineering the Plant of the Future: Balancing Sustainability, Digital Transformation, and Efficiency

Connected plant future isn't coming —it's here

The need to build new and modify existing plants into the efficient, connected, and sustainable facilities of the future is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Download the latest whitepaper from AVEVA to read more.

27 September 2021
Digital twin plans need process focus
Despite many companies accelerating digitalisation initiatives, outdated procurement processes present obstacles to long-term success and scale-up
23 September 2021
UK sets out plans for hydrogen
Publication of the UK’s Hydrogen Strategy is a welcome step forward, but the sector is still nascent and more detail is required
23 September 2021
The untapped potential of blue carbon credit markets

The US recently submitted its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) required under the Paris Agreement, setting a target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by 50 to 52% below 2005 levels by 2030. Click to read on from our TE100 contributors.

22 September 2021
TE100: ‎Energy Insights with Rakhi: Together we rise stronger, kinder and more resilient

Rakhi has kindly shared the latest edition of her Energy Insights series as a tribute to women in the workforce and the women in our lives. We hope you enjoy listening.

16 September 2021
What does the accelerating energy transition mean for the LNG business?

The growing imperative for humanity to avoid the worst impacts of climate change will require the liquefied natural gas (LNG) business to adapt in fundamental ways as the energy transition accelerates. In this report, King & Spalding examines the long-term outlook for the industry in the face of existential pressures posed by environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. How are industry players responding? And what more can be done to assure LNG’s future in the race to a carbon-neutral energy economy by 2050.

15 September 2021
How to make a commercial return from hydrogen and access funding
Funding and processes are already in place for the green hydrogen economy, meaning the time is right for companies to make the market happen
14 September 2021
Transform complexity into a competitive advantage
Have you considered using an Integrated Requirements Management approach as your first step towards a successful digital transformation?

Energy & Utility businesses want to achieve Digital Lifecycle Excellence to prepare themselves for future success but are unsure what a logical first step might be.

An Integrated Requirements Management approach deploys quickly, provides a rapid time-to-value, and is a cost-effective way to give your project team a considerable advantage on their next project.
1 September 2021
Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Digitalization

Hydrogen is a valuable resource that can help companies achieve carbon reduction and reduce energy costs. Digitalization will be a major accelerator for driving down the cost of hydrogen and evaluating and optimizing alternatives. Download this white paper to learn how technology is an essential component in deliv­ering the hydrogen economy.

27 August 2021
US infrastructure bill lays foundations for a low-carbon future
Bill supports development and expansion of the hydrogen industry in the US through a mix of regulatory initiatives, federal grants and other incentives
13 August 2021
Tomorrow's energy system
The transition to Tomorrow's Energy System is already well underway. If our systems are to deliver on the ambitious climate change agenda the world has set, the work must begin now.
10 August 2021
Exploration potential of the Camisea area and the Madre de Dios basin (FTB)

Studies and exploration activity in the Ucayali and Madre de Dios basins show that there is gas potential in the area and that the implementation of new technologies could greatly reduce exploration risk: reprocessing of existing seismic, acquisition of new seismic, magnetotelluric studies and drilling of identified prospects could lead to the confirmation of new hydrocarbon volumes. Download this white paper from Peru Petro now.

4 August 2021
ExxonMobil announces 2021 Power Play finalists and community voting
Sixteen outstanding professionals are up for awards across four categories, with community voting now open
2 August 2021
Fujairah S&P Global Platts Quarterly Report

As we move into the second half of the year, the Port of Fujairah will continue to play a vital role as the leading trading and oil storage hub in the Middle East and there is now an unparalleled level of visibility in activity at the port, bringing transparency that allows market participants to make informed decisions.
Download the Fujairah S&P Global Platts Quarterly Report and gain insights through special features:

  • Market Overview: Oil prices rise above $70/barrel as economic sentiment improves
  • S&P Global Platts & Fujairah: the evolution of price assessments
  • Shipping’s “dirty fuel” stages a comeback as emissions targets loom
  • +more
29 July 2021
Governments in race to unlock potential of CCS
Policymakers must ensure key technology for reaching net-zero sustains momentum over the next decade
28 July 2021
Looking for green hydrogen’s easy wins in Europe
Integration of low-carbon hydrogen into existing value chains will need new regulatory frameworks in all jurisdictions
26 July 2021
Integrating renewable PPAs into green hydrogen projects
Developers will need to adapt strategies to location and policy environment
13 July 2021
Commodities Bounce Back Special Report

The surge in commodity prices in late 2020 and early 2021 is in some ways at odds with a global economy still gripped by the COVID-19 crisis. Paul Hickins unpacks the factors that brought about the rally and examines longer-term prospects.

  • Is the rise in Brent crude oil prices heralding a “supercycle”?
  • How will the “green” revolution drive a long-term commodity bull run?
  • The risk of oil price spikes has increased due to COVID-19 and ESG pressures. What does the future hold?
2 July 2021
What is the energy transition?
The future of energy is about more than just the move from fossil fuels to renewable power. It involves the decarbonisation of all sectors of the economy
29 June 2021
How energy traders can benefit from Europe’s emerging hydrogen market
Development of liquid markets will require sufficient marketable hydrogen volumes as well as free access to pipelines, terminals and storages
28 June 2021
Getting what you paid for: Certification and verification of blue and green hydrogen
Verification can decouple the blue or green attribute from the physical flow of hydrogen
25 June 2021
US oil and gas sector weighs transition options
Carbon capture and hydrogen high on agenda, but good returns from hydrocarbons still a priority
23 June 2021
Deep-sea mining must prove sustainability to join energy transition
Seabed can yield cobalt and other key transition minerals, but industry needs legal framework and technology to mitigate environmental impact
23 June 2021
Power trading in Africa: Creating a sustainable and integrated energy market
Liquid electricity trading markets in Africa can attract private sector investment and support the UN’s goal of access to affordable energy for all
22 June 2021
Key to navigating the energy transition is in the data
The pivot to digital will make the energy sector less carbon-intensive and more sustainable
22 June 2021
Move fast and break (simulated) things
A digital twin approach allows operators to test scenarios at speed, making the whole lifecycle safer and more efficient
10 June 2021
Hydrogen poised for lead role in push for Paris goals
Hydrogen key to tackling hard-to-abate sectors, but reaching Paris goals will require a wider arsenal of fuels and technologies, roundtable panellists say
10 June 2021
Hydrogen project risks challenge investors
Flow of money into emerging industry faces bottlenecks as investors grapple with uncertainty over regulation and bankability
2 June 2021
Who will be this year’s LNG Power Play Pioneers?
The new Pioneer award is open to applicants of all genders to celebrate leadership in LNG
1 June 2021
Protecting your hydrogen investment: Intellectual property issues
As interest and investment in the hydrogen market grows, companies will look to protect their investments
28 May 2021
Getting ready for CCUS take-off in the US
Drivers include tax incentives, opportunities for generating LCFS credits and federal policy support
27 May 2021
Guiding industry along the carbon reduction pathway
PwC’s Juergen Peterseim sees leading role for hydrogen as industries recalibrate for low-carbon future
26 May 2021
The role of a national carbon market in China’s carbon-neutral goal
China’s centrally controlled economy means it can pull a broader range of levers to reduce national emissions than many other states
26 May 2021
Electric vehicles: Charging up the UK’s energy transition
UK plans acceleration in roll-out of electric and other low-emission vehicles as sales of new petrol and diesel cars end in 2030
26 May 2021
Smart cities offer vision of net-zero living
Combination of technology and an integrated approach can deliver sustainable cities
19 May 2021
Empower connected working with integrated engineering information
Data-centric approach can help mitigate project cost overruns by simplifying workflows into single-source environment
19 May 2021
Three strategies for executing lean, green capital projects
Greater digital maturity is needed across the oil and gas sector to ensure efficiency gains meet sustainability imperatives
30 April 2021
2021 LNG Power Play awards open for nominations
The third edition of ExxonMobil’s signature Power Play awards has been launched—this year with more awards categories and an even more diverse panel of international judges
26 April 2021
Taxing for takeoff: The hydrogen economy in the US
Lobbying season is underway for on Joe Biden's $2tn jobs plan, with a number of potential tax incentives for hydrogen on the table
20 April 2021
Gain granular control with engineering data in the cloud
Embracing technological agility is crucial for organisations to move at scale, work remotely and make better-informed operational decisions
20 April 2021
Data clarity key to successful business strategy
Digitalisation gives oil and gas operators unmatched access to actionable data insights, eliminating previous operational ‘unknowns’
1 April 2021
A new approach to coordinating offshore electricity grids
Sustained increases in UK and EU offshore wind power generation mean that making changes to regulation and infrastructure has become a priority
1 April 2021
Carbon border tariffs—the shape of things to come
The EU is very likely to push ahead with creating a carbon border adjustment mechanism, as soon as compliance with WTO rules can be assured
29 March 2021
Is the Middle East the key to Japan’s ‘hydrogen society’?
Without the ability to generate low-carbon hydrogen for the foreseeable future, the Asian nation needs a strategic partner to turn its ambitious plans into reality
10 March 2021
Taking the lid off digital transformation
Combining digitalisation with valuable real-time data helps businesses drive operational performance and counter stiff market competition
26 February 2021
Fit for the lower carbon future
What is ExxonMobil doing to prepare for a lower-carbon future while meeting energy needs of a growing population?
26 February 2021
Corporate PPAs could boost hydrogen deployment
Is it time to level-up corporate energy procurement for low-carbon hydrogen, following the successful use of PPAs for renewable electricity?
25 February 2021
Greening the LNG supply chain
The deal between Pavilion and Qatar Petroleum Trading illustrates how creating offset-ready arrangements will impact trading relationships and legal risk allocation
1 February 2021
ExxonMobil commends President Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement
The US major has supported the accord since its adoption in 2015
29 January 2021
Financing hydrogen projects brings unique challenges
Hydrogen projects need bankable offtake schemes, with ammonia, refining and mobility projects offering the most promise
29 January 2021
Can the oil and gas industry deliver Canada’s hydrogen strategy?
The national government presented its new three-phase strategy in December that will build on its strengths in hydrocarbons and renewables
28 January 2021
Stormy weather ahead for energy transition M&A
Strategic M&A deals are always fraught with risk, and there will be too many oil and gas companies chasing too few transition-focused targets
28 January 2021
CC(U)S—Spotting problems in the pipeline
Even though the carbon capture sector is only just taking off, those thinking about getting involved need to consider the costs of decommissioning
25 January 2021
From resource scarcity to energy abundance and infinite supply

While the scientific evidence of climate change is clear and widely accepted, our ability and best options to master this challenge have stirred intense debate, disinformation and dilemma. With a growing global population that almost universally aspires to an energy-intensive modern way of life, how can humanity continue to multiply, modernise and prosper without continued massive consumption of fossil fuels and vast emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2?


31 December 2020
Block X — An updated summary of the onshore block in the Talara basin

Block X development began in 1910 with the drilling of the RESTIN 1 well. To date, 5,751 wells have been drilled between exploration and development, of which 3,262 wells are currently active, being 3,196 producing wells and 66 injection wells. As of December 2019, production is 14.83 Mbopd and the accumulated oil volume is 499.9 MMbbl.

14 December 2020
Tapping into the data revolution
Producers sitting on immense silos of underused data can benefit from technological innovations
14 December 2020
Mena’s customer data dilemma
A finely tuned consumer data strategy depends on a unified approach
7 December 2020
The outlook for LNG in 2021 and beyond
Alex Volkov, vice president global LNG marketing for ExxonMobil, provides his thoughts about the past year and offers a brighter outlook for the years ahead
30 November 2020
Middle East energy transitions continue apace
Renewables, desalination and hydrogen are all attracting official support and investment
23 November 2020
Digitalisation Review 2020

Industry experts examine some of the key themes influencing the adoption of digital technologies. Contributors discuss the changing cyber security landscape, automating refineries, the power of the digital twin, extending offshore asset life, among many other topics.

Sponsor: Various partners

16 November 2020
LNG: the green future for bunkering

In this paper we look at how going greener with LNG not only addresses the sustainability agenda but also makes economic sense.

Sponsor: Strategy&, part of the PwC network

12 November 2020
Production Onshore Opportunities in Northwest Peru

The Talara Basin is a Paleocene-age forearc basin located along the north coast of Peru. During the first quarter of 2021, PERUPETRO S.A. will launch a bidding process for six blocks of the Talara Basin for which contracts will expire in the next years. The purpose is to find companies interested in improving the productivity of these mature fields with secondary recovery and the implementation of new technologies

10 November 2020
Driving offshore longevity
Savvy producers increasingly recognise the operational benefits of using digital technologies to extend asset life
10 November 2020
Transitioning to a data-driven energy market
Digital technologies can be key enablers to low carbon energy
30 October 2020
Industry seeks to replicate Taiwan wind success throughout Asia
Opportunities to invest in offshore wind energy developments are being created by government measures from Japan to India
30 October 2020
Canadian government leads the way on CCUS
Federal and provincial government measures have supported the deployment of several world-class projects
27 October 2020
How ExxonMobil is helping unlock LNG’s potential for India
Virtual gas pipelines can help address the rising demand for cleaner energy
7 October 2020
Is your Digital Twin truly collaborative?

Digital Twin technology is at the heart of every modern plant and processing asset. Read our whitepaper to discover how cloud technology is accelerating operators’ and EPCs' digital transformation.

1 October 2020
Bridging the EV infrastructure gap
To keep pace with its ambitious targets for electric vehicle sales, the UK needs to invest heavily in charging infrastructure
1 October 2020
Australia battles to become renewables superpower
Initiatives to create market certainty and fix system constraints are creating an attractive investment environment
25 September 2020
LNG has come far but still has far to go
Vanguard award winner Tolu Longe has seen many changes for the better over the past two decades. But there is still more to be done
25 September 2020
Rising Star fulfilling her childhood ambition
Mervin Azeta has been passionate about helping to tackle global energy challenges from a young age
25 September 2020
Athlete-turned-CEO wins Rainmaker race
Jill Evanko has been a tough competitor since her college days. Now she is an award winner
10 September 2020
Engineering in the Cloud

Capital Projects have earned a notorious reputation for being over budget and overschedule. Far-reaching reforms are underway, however, as Owner-Operators and EPCs turn to a powerful combination of cloud-based technology and new working processes to achieve transformational, data-driven improvements in Capital Project delivery.

2 September 2020
Multi-client agreements in Peru

Peru’s offshore provides prominent opportunities for exploration projects thanks to its diverse regional geology.  This geology has different structural and stratigraphic settings, with mature producing basins in the north to less explored basins in the south. Just a fresh and modern look at the available data may reveal great potential.

20 August 2020
The Future of LNG and Natural Gas Infrastructure

International law firm Ashurst surveyed LNG industry leaders across the Asia-Pacific region to ask how they thought the sector was responding to changing dynamics and what they think the future may hold. This has resulted in a brand new report, available now.

Sponsor: Ashurst

14 August 2020
Easy and Robust screening of oil and gas projects at the concept select stage

In support of the July 2020 webcast “Value creation in the new era through robust screening of oil & gas investments”, in association with Petroleum Economist, Steen Meulengracht, CEO PreVisions, has written four articles to dive deeper into the importance of break-even and sensitivity analyses on key external and internal project parameters.

13 August 2020
Frontier markets turning to geothermal energy
In pursuit of alternatives to oil and gas production, certain developing countries are turning to the exploration and development of volcanically active hotspots
13 August 2020
Frontier markets turning to geothermal energy
In pursuit of alternatives to oil and gas production, certain developing countries are turning to the exploration and development of volcanically active hotspots
13 August 2020
Financing solar-plus-storage
Adding battery storage to solar projects alleviates intermittency and curtailment issues but brings contractual and financing issues
13 August 2020
Turning the tide on ocean energy
Tidal power facilities offer a clean and renewable energy but have struggled to attract the investment to finance substantial capex. The development of movable structures may mean this will change
13 August 2020
Hitting the gas in South Africa
The expanding role of LNG and a new round of gas exploration appear set to alleviate the country’s energy supply problem
4 August 2020
ExxonMobil announces Power Play finalists
Community voting is now open across the three categories for the awards, which champion inclusion and diversity by celebrating remarkable women and men in the LNG industry
3 August 2020
PE Live: Hydrogen storage to boost offshore wind
The ability to store and transport energy as hydrogen means that far more locations in the North Sea and elsewhere become viable for wind generation
1 July 2020
Positioning for a lower-carbon energy future
Energy is essential. Accessible and affordable supplies of energy support the ability to meet the basic requirements of life and fuel society's progress around the world.
1 July 2020
Positioning for a lower-carbon energy future
Energy is essential. Accessible and affordable supplies of energy support the ability to meet the basic requirements of life and fuel society's progress around the world.
30 June 2020
Green recovery to accelerate the energy transition
Decarbonising the energy system must go beyond expanding the utilisation of renewable energy to include measures that tackle emissions from continued hydrocarbon production and consumption
30 June 2020
International carbon markets update
Covid-19 is having a multi-faceted impact on existing and proposed emissions trading initiatives
22 June 2020
Training for Tomorrow

Cloud technology makes experiential learning accessible and practical for any organization. As experts in cloudbased operator training simulators (Cloud OTS) for every stage of operations, AVEVA is already helping forward-looking companies change their cultures and redefine training for tomorrow. 

1 June 2020
ExxonMobil takes the long-term view
The firm’s head of LNG remains confident for a growing role for gas in the energy future
28 May 2020
Deep in the heart of Texas
From the ashes of the collapse in oil prices comes the opportunity of the energy transition
28 May 2020
Covid-19 is accelerating the move to renewables
The pandemic and resulting fall in demand for energy is hitting the willingness to fund oil and gas projects more than those involving renewable energy
28 May 2020
Covid-19 is accelerating the move to renewables
The pandemic and resulting fall in demand for energy is hitting the willingness to fund oil and gas projects more than those involving renewable energy
18 May 2020
Green drivers lead to innovation for Pavilion
The Singapore LNG company's new GHG requirements could help set an industry standard
12 May 2020
Shale oil breakeven prices

This paper examines published estimates of shale oil breakeven prices, contrasts the quoted breakeven price with industry performance over the period and investigates the disconnect between published breakeven prices and actual breakeven prices at the corporate level.

5 May 2020
Carbon offsets regain support
The trading of carbon credits will take an increasing role in hydrocarbon supply chains over the next decade
5 May 2020
Energy Transition Review

The energy transition will be a multi-faceted process with each contributing energy source offering enormous potential but often bringing new challenges. In this report, industry experts identify problems and present potential solutions.

Sponsors: Norton Rose Fulbright and Schneider Electric

30 April 2020
Should oil and gas firms target floating wind?
The technical expertise of the offshore oil and gas industry makes it well-placed to diversify in the booming global market for wind generation in deep water
30 April 2020
Renewables projects must consider community impact
Companies need to obtain legitimacy, credibility and trust before embarking on a project that will impact the lives of many people
27 April 2020
Have your say on industry diversity
As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives and the economic landscape changes, we must not lose focus on other important issues within our industry
27 April 2020
LNG: The drive for efficiency in increasingly challenging times
Progress continues to be made on driving down costs to help LNG meet the industry’s dual challenge
1 April 2020
Diversity programmes bring positive energy to LNG
LNG is making a contribution to a cleaner energy future. Diverse workforces have their part to play as well.
31 March 2020
Transition faces pressure from oil crash and Covid-19
The energy transition faces dual challenges of an oil price crash and the coronavirus pandemic, with competitive pressure and disruptions to supply chains
31 March 2020
Heathrow ruling endangers projects globally
A UK court’s rejection of Heathrow Airport’s expansion policy as invalid on climate change grounds has implications for major projects globally
25 February 2020
Energy demand: Three drivers
Energy use will be increasingly efficient and less carbon intensive than it is today
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