No right answer? Portfolio optimisation on the route to net-zero

IOC-to-IEC is a popular strategy among Europe’s integrated oil and gas producers. But that does not make it appropriate for NOCs, independents or even IOCs in other parts of the world. Some IOC investors are unconvinced if it is a valid strategy at all. Join Deloitte, OMV, MOL and SMBC in conversation with Petroleum Economist on what determines the best portfolio optimisation route for different classes of producers and in different geographies.

Discussion points include:

  • What are the main strategic options for oil and gas firms to respond to the energy transition and what are the factors that might influence choice of path?
  • Is there a right or wrong answer? Is it circumstantial?
  • How influential will location be in terms of key determinants such as access to capital, social licence to operate etc.?
  • What class of company—integrated IOC, NOC, large or small independent—has the most advantaged start point in responding to the energy transition?
  • How difficult will it be to successfully pivot from IOC to IEC?
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