Schreiner Parker

Schreiner works for Rystad Energy in the capacity of senior vice president & head of Latin America, based previously in Mexico City and currently in Rio de Janeiro. He previously worked for a top UK-based energy research and consulting firm in their Brazil office. Schreiner also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas in Spanish and Portuguese and a Master’s Degree in International Oil and Gas Management from the Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales et du Développement in Geneva, Switzerland.

Latest Articles From Schreiner Parker
31 May 2024
Letter from South America: Sanction threat fails to curb Caracas
Washington has put oil and gas sanctions back in place while Venezuela prepares for elections. But exemptions remain as the Biden administration looks to domestic gasoline prices ahead of the US’ own elections later this year
16 August 2023
Letter from Latin America: Wider woes fail to derail Argentine shale
Battered by multiple economic headaches, Argentina is looking towards the Vaca Muerta as a potential lifeline
4 July 2023
Letter from South America: The rise and fall of Ecuador’s oil industry
Uncertain whether political change would change Opec member’s energy fortunes
21 February 2023
Letter from South America: Washington softens Caracas stance
Trinidad & Tobago’s position as a Caribbean gas hub seems more secure following US permission for it to access Venezuela’s Dragon field
9 September 2022
Letter from South America: Elections could impact Petrobras policy
The upcoming election pits the right-wing incumbent against a left-wing former president
5 July 2022
Letter from South America: Petro plots course for transition
Colombia’s new president has no interest in arresting decline in the country’s oil and gas production
19 April 2022
Letter from Latin America: Region tilts to the left
Brazil and Colombia may be about to follow the pattern of their neighbours in taking a political left turn
28 March 2022
Letter from South America: Ukraine crisis brings opportunities and costs
While the region’s crude producers stand to benefit from high prices, LNG importers will feel the pressure
1 March 2022
Letter from South America: Outlier Ecuador offers alternative path
The country has been working to attract renewed upstream foreign investment since quitting Opec
21 January 2022
Letter from South America: Bolivia's shrinking gas role
Declining production and cheaper LNG threaten the country’s role as gas supplier to its neighbours
2 December 2021
Letter from South America: Mexico plays catch-up
The country’s upstream strategy seems at odds with reality and will require an about-turn if there is any hope of meeting its production targets
25 October 2021
Letter from South America: Venezuela secures Iranian lifeline
The crude-for-diluent swap deal with Iran is underway
28 September 2021
Letter from South America: Guyana and Suriname poised for change
The enormous exploration success of recent years leaves the South American neighbours at a crossroads
16 August 2021
Letter from South America: Vaca Muerta faces export challenges
The Argentine shale play hit new output highs recently, but doubts persist over monetisation
6 July 2021
Letter from South America: Colombia needs to act on declining output
The Andean country’s recent troubles highlight the need to encourage exploration
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