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Repurposing pipelines for hydrogen transportation
24 July 2023
Modifying natural gas pipelines for use in hydrogen transmission is a cost-effective option, but there are gaps in the standards needed for it to be safe and efficient
China seen as biggest hydrogen importer in 2030
5 July 2023
Import needs overtake Europe as its domestic production buildout lags rising demand, Deloitte modelling shows
Mideast–Europe H2 pipeline seen as feasible
28 June 2023
Gulf exporters could potentially supply Europe by pipeline at delivered cost of €2.7/kg, consultants Rina and Afry say in new analysis
Texas could be hydrogen export powerhouse
16 June 2023
Investment of $30bn in US oil state’s hydrogen infrastructure could create supply base capable of competing for market share in Europe, consultant tells FT Hydrogen Summit
Spanish firms line up export route to Rotterdam
14 June 2023
Cepsa and Iberdrola take steps towards creation of ammonia corridor to Ace terminal
Transitioning the maritime sector to a greener future
8 June 2023
Shipping is set for a key role transporting green fuels such as hydrogen, but all stakeholders must work together to de-risk development of the value chain, says chair of Clean Energy Marine Hubs initiative
Geopolitics will influence hydrogen trade
12 October 2022
Trade links are being developed with national security as well as geography in mind, summit hears
International trade will meet 25pc of hydrogen demand by 2050
8 July 2022
Most demand will be met by local supply under 1.5°C scenario but ammonia shipping and pipelines will have significant role to play, says Irena
EEX to provide traded hydrogen prices
4 April 2022
Exchange will provide price transparency for upcoming CfD auctions in Germany
Hydrogen economy will reshape geopolitics – Irena
17 January 2022
Setting standards and establishing cooperative bodies is vital to ensuring market grows as fast as possible, says agency
Hydrogen will develop regionally before global market
29 October 2021
First steps towards making hydrogen a tradeable energy commodity globally will likely be regionalised markets, says panel
Hydrogen trade faces certification challenge
8 September 2021
Standard definition for green hydrogen crucial to support trading and investment, panellists say
Dutch hydrogen exchange plan gaining momentum
14 May 2021
Energy companies meet to refine scope of project and next steps including trading simulations
GOO trade can underpin hydrogen markets
12 May 2021
Development of liquid market for guarantee-of-origin certificates seen as key stepping stone for emerging hydrogen sector
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