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Letter on hydrogen: Storage matters
6 March 2024
Europe must accelerate the development of large-scale hydrogen storage to ensure reliable supplies as demand for the energy vector grows
Oman weighs options for hydrogen infrastructure
8 February 2023
The country is evaluating the viability of new hydrogen pipelines, repurposing existing networks, transporting finished products and long-duration storage
Hydrogen key to long-duration storage – Entsoe
7 February 2023
European power grid operators are exploring hydrogen as a potential route for seasonal energy storage
Amsterdam to develop LOHC terminal
26 October 2022
The port plans to jointly develop 100-500t/d LOHC dehydrogenation capacity
Mena faces energy storage troubles
20 October 2022
Battery technology is struggling to take off in the region, presenting a potential hurdle for future green hydrogen production
UK consults on hydrogen storage and transportation support
2 September 2022
A regional or national network for hydrogen transportation and storage could be needed from the mid-2030s
RAG bullish on hydrogen storage conversion
16 August 2022
Austrian gas storage operator says trials with hydrogen stored in depleted reservoirs show no major issues with key steel and cement components
Hydrogen’s climate benefits in doubt
1 August 2022
Research by Environmental Defense Fund warns that hydrogen leakage could contribute to short-term global warming potential
Centrica eyes Rough as world’s biggest hydrogen store
28 July 2022
UK energy company in talks with government over £2bn plan to re-open natural gas storage site this winter and ultimately convert it to store hydrogen
Invenergy to produce first green hydrogen by end of year
26 July 2022
US developer plans to begin construction on its first green hydrogen project in the coming months
Hydrogen production to be ‘broadly investable’ in UK by end-2023
20 July 2022
Storage, transportation and end-use are likely to lag production in short-term investability, the UK government says
New hydrogen storage technology ‘has great potential’
15 July 2022
Researchers from Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials have found a way to store hydrogen in powder form
Airports must invest in hydrogen infrastructure – Jacobs
16 June 2022
Operators should decarbonise their scope one emissions in the short term by using hydrogen in local applications, consultancy says
India outlines policies to drive green hydrogen production
21 February 2022
Government targets 5mn t/yr of output and role as export hub
Linde starts operating hydrogen separation plant
20 January 2022
If commercialised, technology would allow hydrogen to be removed from blend with natural gas at high purity
Cross-border infrastructure to benefit EU hydrogen economy
22 December 2021
Pipelines enable coordinated European approach, matching supply more efficiently with demand, says study
Tractebel unveils offshore hydrogen storage concept
20 December 2021
Ability to bundle export and compression of hydrogen produced offshore offers significant cost reductions, engineering consultancy says
EU legislates on hydrogen pipelines and storage
16 December 2021
First part of ‘Fit for 55’ package to be legislated provides support for projects retrofitting gas pipelines to carry hydrogen
Uniper warns of hydrogen safety backlash
24 November 2021
Industry and governments must reassure public or risk loss of momentum at critical phase of development, senior executive tells panel
Methanol touted as hydrogen enabler
19 November 2021
Methanol-to-hydrogen reforming at point of use could sidestep need to transport and store the gas, conference hears
Ineos targets UK clean hydrogen market with Runcorn upgrade
20 October 2021
Investment in facilities will allow hydrogen sales into transport and power generation sectors
Industry welcomes New South Wales hydrogen strategy
19 October 2021
Aim is to halve cost of green hydrogen production in the region from $A8.6/kg to under $A2.80/kg by 2030
Snam offers support to hydrogen technology startups
12 October 2021
HyAccelerator scheme to help develop technologies across entire hydrogen value chain, from transportation to storage and end-uses
Utah power plant on track to burn hydrogen
1 October 2021
IPP Renewed power plant aims to burn 30pc green hydrogen from 2025 and 100pc by 2045
Jera invests in hydrogen shipping technology
14 September 2021
Firm takes €15mn stake in Germany’s Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies as it looks to build hydrogen supply chain
Equinor and SSE plan major hydrogen storage in east England
16 July 2021
Upgrade of existing natural gas storage would create one of world’s largest hydrogen sites in Humber cluster
Three questions that define hydrogen’s future
28 June 2021
Hydrogen and electrification technologies do not have to be in competition
Dii Desert Energy's vision for green hydrogen
4 June 2021
Cornelius Matthes, chief executive of Dii Desert Energy, talks to Hydrogen Economist about the future for hydrogen and the Mena region
Hydrogen economy faces technical hurdles
11 May 2021
Getting details right will be crucial to the widespread deployment of hydrogen infrastructure
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