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Hydrogen partnerships flourish at Cop27
14 November 2022
The conference has already seen the signature of a green hydrogen shipping agreement and US support for a Ukrainian nuclear hydrogen project
US offers nuclear hydrogen funding
13 September 2022
Nuclear offers cheap way to generate hydrogen, especially for existing reactors struggling to compete with gas
New initiative pushes case for nuclear hydrogen
26 July 2022
Governments should aim for large-scale commercial hydrogen production powered by existing reactors within next three years, Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative says
UK must support pink hydrogen – HFCA
9 June 2022
Policies needed to support hydrogen projects powered by new wave of nuclear plants, says industry body
EDF to develop 3GW green hydrogen this decade
14 April 2022
Firm plans to leverage nuclear and renewables expertise to expand into hydrogen space
OKG signs pink hydrogen supply deal
26 January 2022
Swedish nuclear firm will sell pink hydrogen produced at Oskarshamn nuclear plant after overhauling hydrogen facility
Macron says France can be green hydrogen leader by 2030
13 October 2021
President also targets promotion of small nuclear reactors and 35pc cut in industry’s emissions as part of €30bn roadmap
US government funds Arizona nuclear hydrogen project
8 October 2021
Demonstration project at America’s biggest nuclear plant includes storage of hydrogen for use in power generation, chemicals and fuels
Nuclear industry eyes key role in hydrogen transition
20 September 2021
Sector can produce large amounts of low-carbon hydrogen from electricity or high heat, says lobby group
Nuclear needed for Canada’s hydrogen goals – NII
15 September 2021
Renewables alone will struggle to meet demand set by Canadian hydrogen strategy, says research institute
SMR nuclear could compete with green hydrogen – Wood Mackenzie
24 August 2021
Small modular reactors could help meet climate targets by producing low-carbon hydrogen, consultancy says
Hydrogen debate must move beyond colours - WEC
26 July 2021
A lack of clarity around the issue could prematurely exclude some technologies, council says in new report
US underlines bullish stance on nuclear hydrogen
9 June 2021
Demonstration projects and research underway to bring the cost of high temperature electrolysis down to parity with steam methane reforming
Nuclear power too expensive for hydrogen production
25 February 2021
Senior UN IPCC figure says reactors are not competitive with other low-carbon forms of power generation so the industry would require substantial subsidies to produce H2 on either side of the Atlantic
Nuclear should be ‘at the heart’ of hydrogen production
18 February 2021
New reactor technology could provide one-third of zero-carbon hydrogen by 2050
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