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13 May 2024
Positive Motion: enabling Europe’s green hydrogen ecosystem

European-produced green molecules have a crucial role to play in resolving the EU’s energy trilemma—the challenge of providing sustainable, secure and affordable energy in the face of rising global temperatures, ongoing geopolitical conflicts and disruption to global trade routes. Download this new special report produced by Hydrogen Economist in association with Cepsa to learn more about Europe’s green hydrogen ecosystem and Cepsa’s position at the forefront of the EU’s green hydrogen, e-fuel derivatives and biofuels drive to decarbonise.

22 March 2024
Optimizing Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage to Meet Ambitious Sustainability Goals

The race to a zero-carbon future is on. Global oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical companies have announced ambitious carbon mitigation, plastics re-use and water conservation targets. Learn how industry leaders like Saudi Aramco, Kinder Morgan, Shell CANSOLV, Fluor and others are already using digital technology solutions to drive innovation and economics of carbon capture projects.

16 January 2024
Outlook 2024: EU hydrogen and sustainable fuel policies
Shaping the framework of a key market
9 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Regulatory convergence of the IRA and international subsidiary models
The EU and Japan are developing regulations to counterbalance the US’ perceived protectionist strategies
7 December 2023
Outlook 2024: NEOM Green Hydrogen Project: A blueprint for the future?
Significant potential for green hydrogen across the Middle East
1 December 2023
White & Case Outlook 2024

Outlook 2024: Next directions in the evolving energy trajectory examines the changes in the energy sector through the lens of oil, gas & LNG, geopolitics and energy markets and the energy transition. This forward-looking special report informs investors and decision-makers of the industry trajectory and sets the agenda for the year ahead.

25 October 2023
Energy Market Outlook: Navigating Choppy Waters

Europe entered the second half of the year in a relatively comfortable position, with supressed gas and power demand, elevated gas storage levels, and a power supply situation that is vastly improved from the same time 12 months ago. However, significant risks remain across gas, power, and carbon markets. 

11 October 2023
White Paper: Proactive Decision-Making for Emissions Management: The Roadmap to Net Zero

Today's energy companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce emissions while meeting or exceeding production targets. Discover how industry leaders are using advanced digital solutions to monitor emissions, optimize profit and yield, and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20%

12 September 2023
AI is the next stage of intelligentisation for the oil and gas industry
AI enabling a second digital revolution in oil and gas, among other sectors, says Huawei
23 August 2023
LNG's role in resolving Asia's trilemma

When the world faced an unprecedented energy crisis, global leaders were motivated to take bold steps towards a cleaner and more secure energy future. The IEA's latest World Energy Outlook highlighted the transformative potential of this crisis, emphasising accelerated energy transitions and the need for innovative solutions.

Petroleum Economist is excited to introduce you to our latest Asian LNG report. This report delves into the evolving landscape of LNG demand in Asia, addressing energy security aspects and exploring the role of LNG as a transition fuel in the region's changing energy landscape.

1 August 2023
PERUPETRO whitepaper: 31 areas

PERUPETRO has selected 31 promotional areas in different sedimentary basins with important prospects. These, located in the Marañon, Ucayali, Madre de Dios, Salaverry and Tumbes Basins, can be granted to interested companies as License Contracts or as Technical Evaluation Agreements.  

Nonetheless, we continue with the “open acreage” policy whereby interested companies can propose other available areas of interest.  

At the same time, PERUPETRO has been aligning efforts with the different sectors involved in the development of the industry, to reactivate production and generate conditions for the development of important projects underway, mainly in the Peruvian offshore, where expectations are promising. 

17 May 2023
Advancing Profitability and Sustainability with APM 4.0

Today´s executives are faced with the complex challenge of maximizing profitability while meeting sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. Using APM 4.0 to identify efficiencies across the organization can drive operational excellence, which in turn can lead to significant advancement of sustainability objectives.

In this paper read how companies like LG Chem, Sardeolica, GSK, Braskem Idesa and others have decreased maintenance expenses, increased profits and avoided environmental and safety risks using APM 4.0.

17 May 2023
A deep dive into hydrogen for the energy transition

Hydrogen is the rising star of the transition to net zero, grabbing the attention of oil majors, policymakers, investors and multiple industrial sectors after decades of relative obscurity as an essential but little-discussed industrial gas.

Its potential to decarbonise swathes of the global economy—from refining and chemicals to steel making, transport and domestic heating—is vast.

The creation of a hydrogen economy is hugely challenging and expensive, and not necessarily achievable at scale by 2050. Forecasts of hydrogen’s share of the global energy mix by mid-century range from as little as 2-3pc to about 20pc, highlighting the level of uncertainty at this early stage of the sector’s development.

Find out what the US, the European Union and Asian nations such as China and India are doing for hydrogen but also how differing concerns around energy security mean each country takes diverging paths to the transition.

27 February 2023
Why digital transformation and net zero should go hand in hand
New technologies such as fibre networks are helping the EU and other regions decarbonise and improve digital access
30 January 2023
Digitalization Strategies to Gain Leadership in Sustainability

These are challenging times for many industries - the world demands ever more energy, but with a reduced carbon footprint. Meeting that Dual Challenge will require new strategies and solutions, and technology in support of digitalization will play a key role in how industries respond.

Download this paper to learn more about the strategies that are helping companies like yours navigate today’s challenges, achieve sustainability goals and still remain profitable.

28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Growing focus on a fair and inclusive energy transition
Integrating the principles of a just transition will increasingly be at the core of energy transition strategies
26 December 2022
Outlook 2023: SMRs: The answer to the world’s energy trilemma?
With the right policies, security of supply should not be an opposing force to decarbonisation
8 June 2022
Why failing to extend cybersecurity to the production line is a serious threat to your business
Is your organisation prepared to respond to operational technology (OT) cyberattacks? Effective cybersecurity is a holistic effort that needs to address IT and OT to protect business assets and operations. However, too many organisations in the chemical industry are taking an unbalanced approach, risking the future of their business and the safety of their workers and customers. In 2022 defence of OT is equally important as IT infrastructure and line-of business applications. OT cybersecurity is the logical evolution of digital transformation strategy in the chemical industry.
11 May 2022
Interactive World Hydrogen Dashboard

Hydrogen is expected to be at the heart of the energy industry’s efforts to achieve net-zero emissions over the coming decades. The new visual information tool will shed light on the business strategies behind the buildout of the sector and detail each step of the creation of the international hydrogen economy.

28 April 2022
Thinking outside the box: Canadian energy regulators respond to innovation
The recent pace of change and burgeoning new technologies designed to address the climate crisis pose a challenge for regulators
25 April 2022
Consenting your energy project: Which regime applies?
The cost and length of a project’s consenting process in the UK varies greatly depending on factors such as capacity and location
30 March 2022
Tokenisation offers new path to the energy transition
Tokenisation can play a key role in the growth of blockchain applications in the energy transition by enabling the recording and representation of assets such as carbon and renewable power certificates
30 March 2022
Greenwashing disputes on the rise
Government enforcement actions and civil suits alleging greenwashing are increasing through a myriad of different laws, including securities regulations and consumer protection legislation
28 February 2022
UK’s flexibility funding gap presents investment opportunities
Substantial private sector finance needed to back a rapid scale-up of low-carbon flexibility technologies as UK decarbonises its energy system
23 February 2022
Alberta renewables market seeing strong growth
Government support and an active carbon market help drive wind and solar investment in Canada’s most deregulated power sector
23 February 2022
Decarbonising shipping: Where are we now?
Regulators have yet to force the sector to decarbonise, but larger shipping lines and operators are planning for a low-carbon future
26 January 2022
US renewables sector faces near-term challenges
Supply-chain issues and rising costs present short-term difficulties for sector poised for rapid growth
20 January 2022
Outlook 2022: The rise of rights-based claims in climate change disputes
Governments but also, increasingly, corporates could face suits with far-reaching material implications for their futures
19 January 2022
Outlook 2022: The greening of hydrocarbons
A lower-carbon future will still involve fossil fuels
4 January 2022
How digitalisation drives sustainable transformation

Increasingly, companies are recognizing the roles they can play in helping make the world more sustainable and are setting their own sustainability goals to improve environmental, social and economic outcomes. Download this new ebook now.

8 December 2021
Leveraging intelligent data to improve sustainability
Digitalisation can help process and manufacturing facilities achieve sustainability goals
3 December 2021
Digital maturity of AI in oil & gas

Keeping pace with the competition is a critical reality for the oil and gas sector. Operators need to cut costs, target efficiency gains and lower their carbon footprint if they want to maintain strong revenues and attract potential investors. And this has only been emphasised by the past pandemic year.

1 December 2021
Sustainability, Decarbonization and Industry Initiatives: Survey Findings and Analysis

This report, co-written with Robert Socolow, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University, reveals the findings of a recent survey conducted to better understand the strategies and actions taken by industry leaders as they plan for a sustainable future.

29 November 2021
Accelerating clean hydrogen
Digital transformation will enable a greener shade of grey hydrogen from oil and gas facilities
1 November 2021
Delivering on the Promise of Prescriptive Maintenance

The need for asset reliability and optimization is ever-increasing, and leading asset-intensive companies are using prescriptive maintenance—powered by AI and machine learning—to unlock the value and productivity lying uncaptured in assets. Using a scalable, easy to implement prescriptive maintenance solution, companies can improve the accuracy of failure detection, increase the advance notification period of asset downtime events and reduce maintenance spend.

Learn how companies across the globe are successfully scaling prescriptive maintenance across their organizations, including examples of it in action. See the proof for yourself in this new white paper.

28 September 2021
Engineering the Plant of the Future: Balancing Sustainability, Digital Transformation, and Efficiency

Connected plant future isn't coming —it's here

The need to build new and modify existing plants into the efficient, connected, and sustainable facilities of the future is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Download the latest whitepaper from AVEVA to read more.

16 September 2021
What does the accelerating energy transition mean for the LNG business?

The growing imperative for humanity to avoid the worst impacts of climate change will require the liquefied natural gas (LNG) business to adapt in fundamental ways as the energy transition accelerates. In this report, King & Spalding examines the long-term outlook for the industry in the face of existential pressures posed by environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. How are industry players responding? And what more can be done to assure LNG’s future in the race to a carbon-neutral energy economy by 2050.

14 September 2021
Transform complexity into a competitive advantage
Have you considered using an Integrated Requirements Management approach as your first step towards a successful digital transformation?

Energy & Utility businesses want to achieve Digital Lifecycle Excellence to prepare themselves for future success but are unsure what a logical first step might be.

An Integrated Requirements Management approach deploys quickly, provides a rapid time-to-value, and is a cost-effective way to give your project team a considerable advantage on their next project.
1 September 2021
Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Digitalization

Hydrogen is a valuable resource that can help companies achieve carbon reduction and reduce energy costs. Digitalization will be a major accelerator for driving down the cost of hydrogen and evaluating and optimizing alternatives. Download this white paper to learn how technology is an essential component in deliv­ering the hydrogen economy.

10 August 2021
Exploration potential of the Camisea area and the Madre de Dios basin (FTB)

Studies and exploration activity in the Ucayali and Madre de Dios basins show that there is gas potential in the area and that the implementation of new technologies could greatly reduce exploration risk: reprocessing of existing seismic, acquisition of new seismic, magnetotelluric studies and drilling of identified prospects could lead to the confirmation of new hydrocarbon volumes. Download this white paper from Peru Petro now.

2 August 2021
Fujairah S&P Global Platts Quarterly Report

As we move into the second half of the year, the Port of Fujairah will continue to play a vital role as the leading trading and oil storage hub in the Middle East and there is now an unparalleled level of visibility in activity at the port, bringing transparency that allows market participants to make informed decisions.
Download the Fujairah S&P Global Platts Quarterly Report and gain insights through special features:

  • Market Overview: Oil prices rise above $70/barrel as economic sentiment improves
  • S&P Global Platts & Fujairah: the evolution of price assessments
  • Shipping’s “dirty fuel” stages a comeback as emissions targets loom
  • +more
13 July 2021
Commodities Bounce Back Special Report

The surge in commodity prices in late 2020 and early 2021 is in some ways at odds with a global economy still gripped by the COVID-19 crisis. Paul Hickins unpacks the factors that brought about the rally and examines longer-term prospects.

  • Is the rise in Brent crude oil prices heralding a “supercycle”?
  • How will the “green” revolution drive a long-term commodity bull run?
  • The risk of oil price spikes has increased due to COVID-19 and ESG pressures. What does the future hold?
1 April 2021
A new approach to coordinating offshore electricity grids
Sustained increases in UK and EU offshore wind power generation mean that making changes to regulation and infrastructure has become a priority
25 January 2021
From resource scarcity to energy abundance and infinite supply

While the scientific evidence of climate change is clear and widely accepted, our ability and best options to master this challenge have stirred intense debate, disinformation and dilemma. With a growing global population that almost universally aspires to an energy-intensive modern way of life, how can humanity continue to multiply, modernise and prosper without continued massive consumption of fossil fuels and vast emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2?


6 January 2021
Funding the transition to net zero
The technology to deliver net-zero carbon emissions is in place. How to fund this energy transition, however, is the next big challenge
31 December 2020
Block X — An updated summary of the onshore block in the Talara basin

Block X development began in 1910 with the drilling of the RESTIN 1 well. To date, 5,751 wells have been drilled between exploration and development, of which 3,262 wells are currently active, being 3,196 producing wells and 66 injection wells. As of December 2019, production is 14.83 Mbopd and the accumulated oil volume is 499.9 MMbbl.

22 December 2020
Cause for quiet optimism in the East Med
Political stability and multilateral collaboration are essential to fulfilling the region’s economic potential
2 December 2020
Predictive Maintenance Takes on Operational Risk

In today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) global market, everything is changing — and in production environments, change means increased risk. How can capital-intensive organizations minimize their risk, especially when insurance coverage is less readily available?

Download this executive brief to learn how predictive maintenance can deliver the financial advantage you need to thrive — even in the most challenging market conditions.

23 November 2020
Digitalisation Review 2020

Industry experts examine some of the key themes influencing the adoption of digital technologies. Contributors discuss the changing cyber security landscape, automating refineries, the power of the digital twin, extending offshore asset life, among many other topics.

Sponsor: Various partners

16 November 2020
LNG: the green future for bunkering

In this paper we look at how going greener with LNG not only addresses the sustainability agenda but also makes economic sense.

Sponsor: Strategy&, part of the PwC network

12 November 2020
Production Onshore Opportunities in Northwest Peru

The Talara Basin is a Paleocene-age forearc basin located along the north coast of Peru. During the first quarter of 2021, PERUPETRO S.A. will launch a bidding process for six blocks of the Talara Basin for which contracts will expire in the next years. The purpose is to find companies interested in improving the productivity of these mature fields with secondary recovery and the implementation of new technologies

7 October 2020
Is your Digital Twin truly collaborative?

Digital Twin technology is at the heart of every modern plant and processing asset. Read our whitepaper to discover how cloud technology is accelerating operators’ and EPCs' digital transformation.

10 September 2020
Engineering in the Cloud

Capital Projects have earned a notorious reputation for being over budget and overschedule. Far-reaching reforms are underway, however, as Owner-Operators and EPCs turn to a powerful combination of cloud-based technology and new working processes to achieve transformational, data-driven improvements in Capital Project delivery.

2 September 2020
Multi-client agreements in Peru

Peru’s offshore provides prominent opportunities for exploration projects thanks to its diverse regional geology.  This geology has different structural and stratigraphic settings, with mature producing basins in the north to less explored basins in the south. Just a fresh and modern look at the available data may reveal great potential.

20 August 2020
The Future of LNG and Natural Gas Infrastructure

International law firm Ashurst surveyed LNG industry leaders across the Asia-Pacific region to ask how they thought the sector was responding to changing dynamics and what they think the future may hold. This has resulted in a brand new report, available now.

Sponsor: Ashurst

14 August 2020
Easy and Robust screening of oil and gas projects at the concept select stage

In support of the July 2020 webcast “Value creation in the new era through robust screening of oil & gas investments”, in association with Petroleum Economist, Steen Meulengracht, CEO PreVisions, has written four articles to dive deeper into the importance of break-even and sensitivity analyses on key external and internal project parameters.

3 August 2020
PE Live: Hydrogen storage to boost offshore wind
The ability to store and transport energy as hydrogen means that far more locations in the North Sea and elsewhere become viable for wind generation
25 July 2020
PE Live: Local hydrogen policies may shape global industry
EU member states and US state governments may have more impact on the development of the hydrogen economy than EU institutions or the US federal government
18 July 2020
PE Live: Hydrogen set for widespread industrial use
Technology for using hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions is proven and large-scale projects are in development across power, steelmaking and maritime fuels among many sectors
18 July 2020
PE Live: Hydrogen set for widespread industrial use
Technology for using hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions is proven and large-scale projects are in development across power, steelmaking and maritime fuels among many sectors
30 June 2020
Hydrogen paves the way to decarbonisation
While the ultimate global aim is zero-carbon green hydrogen, there is a key role for every other colour of production in the construction of a hydrogen economy
22 June 2020
Training for Tomorrow

Cloud technology makes experiential learning accessible and practical for any organization. As experts in cloudbased operator training simulators (Cloud OTS) for every stage of operations, AVEVA is already helping forward-looking companies change their cultures and redefine training for tomorrow. 

9 June 2020
Creating supply and demand to build the hydrogen economy
Hydrogen technologies are rapidly improving and will become increasingly cost competitive over the next decades
12 May 2020
Shale oil breakeven prices

This paper examines published estimates of shale oil breakeven prices, contrasts the quoted breakeven price with industry performance over the period and investigates the disconnect between published breakeven prices and actual breakeven prices at the corporate level.

5 May 2020
Energy Transition Review

The energy transition will be a multi-faceted process with each contributing energy source offering enormous potential but often bringing new challenges. In this report, industry experts identify problems and present potential solutions.

Sponsors: Norton Rose Fulbright and Schneider Electric

27 January 2020
Climate change litigation is driving the transition
The huge court cases being filed against oil and gas companies are motivating them to invest in a low carbon future
6 January 2020
The LNG SPA and the energy transition
The long-term nature of gas and LNG contracts poses legal challenges which may be conventional or, depending on the shape of the low-carbon future, unexpected
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