Go Net Zero Energy 2023

The Go Net Zero Energy Summit is aimed at addressing the practical steps that energy players can take to achieve their net-zero goals and gain valuable insight into real case studies and success stories from energy
transition pioneers. The agenda of the summit is focused on showcasing real-world initiatives, projects, and technologies that can help the energy industry attain their targets. The summit caters to a diverse range of companies including those involved in renewables, oil and gas, chemicals, technology, equipment manufacturing, policy-making, financing, NGOs, consulting, contracting, and utilities.
Key Topics covered include: 

  • The Global Outlook of key energy transition policies
  • Financial boom despite obstacles to the scaling up of projects
  • Energy efficiency - plan of action today and tomorrow
  • International cooperation and global integration of energy systems
  • Current and new technologies to tackle emissions and increase energy efficiency
  • Renewables, growth of clean energy demand and challenges on the way
  • Biggest CCUS projects, hubs - success and failure stories from the pioneers
  • Biofuels as an energy security guarantee - partnerships, innovations, projects


Register to attend this event on 17 - 18 October 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

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