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Canada’s CCS potential hinges on policy choices
11 June 2024
Potential for CCS to cut emissions may have been overstated, despite country’s huge geological storage resource
Carbon price certainty key to hastening oil sands decarbonisation
29 April 2024
Canada’s oil sands producers need policy certainty to make the multibillion-dollar investments needed to achieve net zero, Pathways Alliance president Kendall Dilling tells Carbon Economist
Certainty key for Canada’s CCS industry
19 June 2023
Project developers need clarity on long-term carbon pricing and streamlining of federal and provincial regulation, president and CEO of International CCS Knowledge Centre tells Carbon Economist
Carbon Engineering hits its stride
25 April 2023
Canadian DAC firm has received backing from the aviation sector and is accelerating deployment of its technology through a partnership with Occidental subsidiary 1PointFive, CEO Daniel Friedmann tells Carbon Economist
Entropy’s Glacier CCS project excels in first phase
6 March 2023
Performance of first commercial-scale project spurs global interest in Canadian company’s modular CCS solution, CEO Mike Belenkie tells Carbon Economist
CCS key to decarbonising Canada’s oil sands
13 February 2023
Pathways Alliance has put CCS at the heart of its net-zero strategy as it aims to achieve meaningful reductions in emissions from oil sands by 2030, alliance president Kendall Dilling tells Carbon Economist
Nuclear SMRs could decarbonise Canada’s oil sands sector
2 September 2022
But cost and commercialisation timeframes may prove a barrier to adoption
Canada CCUS requires CO₂ cost certainty
30 May 2022
Administration is looking to embed further policy support to help development of the industry
Advantage secures heavyweight CCS backing
25 April 2022
New partnership for Canadian producer’s carbon-capture JV aims to drive further expansion
Canada’s potentially irrelevant energy policy conflict
30 March 2022
Infrastructure constraints likely to restrict the country from substantially raising output to replace lost Russian barrels
Edmonton cement project signals Canada’s leading CCUS role
7 February 2022
Heidelbergcement and Enbridge collaborate on project at Edmonton plant with potential link into Wabamun Carbon Hub
The CCS revival – part three: Canada’s advance
6 September 2021
Proposals for six blue hydrogen-related projects are putting the nation at the forefront of the CCS sector
The CCS revival – part two: US dominance
1 September 2021
45Q tax credit and fuel standards are spurring industry on in the US, although blue hydrogen development is still slow
The CCS revival – part one: Global growth
27 August 2021
The technology is gaining traction as tax credits and rising carbon prices improve the economics of deployment in energy-intensive industries
Transition economic impact could echo 1970s oil shock - PIIE
20 August 2021
Rise in carbon prices required by 2030 could serve as negative supply shock to global economy of similar magnitude to 1973-74 quadrupling of oil prices, thinktank says
Mission net zero: part three—geopolitics
30 July 2021
US-Sino tensions could hinder global co-operation on climate and divert government spending away from net-zero push
Mission net zero – part two: economics
26 July 2021
Soaring government debt relative to GDP in wake of Covid-19 leaves economists divided over best approach to funding the transition
Mission net zero – part one: costs
19 July 2021
First in three-part Transition Economist series looks at the cost of the global energy transition and the magnitude of the work required
Aviation decarbonisation set for takeoff
2 July 2021
Energy efficiency improvements and use of sustainable aviation fuel seen as key to cutting emissions by 2050
Canada’s ATCO has big plans for clean hydrogen
30 June 2021
Iconic Western Canadian company advances hydrogen strategy on several fronts on the back of bullish long-term outlook for industry
Canada’s ATCO has big plans for clean hydrogen
30 June 2021
Iconic Western Canadian company advances hydrogen strategy on several fronts on the back of bullish long-term outlook for industry
Maine makes state fossil-fuel divestments a point of law
25 June 2021
Other US states expected to follow Maine’s lead, especially heavily Democratic ones on east and west coast
US to lag Europe in passenger EVs
21 June 2021
Current state of battery technology better suited for smaller cars popular in Europe
US oil majors will decarbonise
11 June 2021
Biden administration will start to have greater impact on company strategies as its carbon plans become substantive legislation
Chile pushes on with hydrogen strategy
1 June 2021
Country is forging international partnerships to help move the strategy forward, says IHS Markit’s Etienne Gabel
Lithium supply outlook hangs in the balance
28 May 2021
Supply of key battery material hinges on pace of investment in mining and processing
Start-up in sight for world’s biggest DAC plant
21 May 2021
Facility in Permian Basin dwarfs existing plants with capacity to capture one million tons of CO2 a year from the air
Biden administration’s battle against greenwashing
14 May 2021
Government moves to crack down on companies misleading investors over climate and overstating their green credentials
Entropy’s low-cost modular CCS technology
7 May 2021
Post-combustion modular technology allows capture of emissions from most common sources of industrial process rather than just largest single source
Earth Day summit a step towards restoring US climate credibility
21 April 2021
Gathering is an important opportunity to signal US commitment and resolve to sceptical leaders
Hope for negotiated US infrastructure deal
13 April 2021
Ruling by parliamentarian means Biden plan could be passed by a reconciliation bill if needed
US carbon price still some way off
7 April 2021
Political reality means moves towards establishing a carbon price or a cap-and-trade system will at least have to wait until after mid-term elections
Canada’s massive hydro potential to remain elusive
25 March 2021
Despite its southern neighbour seeking new sources of low-carbon power, further expansion of Canadian hydropower is unlikely to be competitive
Irena’s pathway to Paris a Herculean task
18 March 2021
Renewables agency has produced preliminary figures for the scale of investment required to hit 1.5°C Paris target
US and Canada plot road to carbon border adjustments
12 March 2021
The imposition of carbon tariffs is legitimate for tackling environmental concerns but risks initiating a slippery slope towards global trade protectionism, experts warn
Acore: World is moving to the ‘serious stage’ of fighting emissions
4 March 2021
CEO Gregory Wetstone talks to Transition Economist
BP and Chevron invest in geothermal startup Eavor
26 February 2021
CEO of Canadian firm expects other majors to invest in the sector, which is benefiting from a technological renaissance
E3 Metals leads Canadian ‘green’ lithium charge
18 February 2021
Canada’s vast unconventional wastewater brine resource base means it is likely to become a major producer on the global market
US fuel economy standards set for major shift
11 February 2021
President Biden is very likely to at least partially reinstate Obama-era Cafe standards while California is on the verge of regaining the ability to set its own standards
Geothermal power set to rise in Canada
4 February 2021
Technology capable of generating power from lower water temperatures is opening up substantial potential
Biden moves fast on climate plan
28 January 2021
The president has signed a series of executive orders to advance his climate policies, but Senate Republicans remain an obstacle
Total drops API on climate concerns
18 January 2021
The French firm is hitting the road, but its European peers are sticking with the API for the time being
US CCS poised for expansion
13 January 2021
Important updates to the legislation that covers 45Q tax credits mean the industry can now implement plans held up by financing uncertainty
Georgia Senate victories boost Biden’s climate programme
8 January 2021
Success in both races hands the Democrats control of the Senate and gives the president-elect much greater room to manoeuvre
Canada reinvigorates its climate change strategy
7 January 2021
Ottawa has updated its climate change plan to overshoot its Paris Agreement target
Biden’s almost bullet-proof climate team
4 January 2021
The president-elect is putting together a formidable group, partly subject to Senate approval, to spearhead top-priority policy area
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